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Dealing with assholes while being a Priest; a short story by me.

We were gathering a party for SA and needed one DPS. There was a Sorc Popori near the teleportal so we asked him to join and he agreed. Once we entered the dungeon he told us that he won’t do anything and will ‘just stand there’ when we fight bosses if we decide to skip the mobs, because he is here for exp only. Then he said that if we plan on skipping trash, then we should kick him. A vote was initiated but someone declined (someone who did several runs with me, and we skipped trash in all). He was being rude about it, basically telling us either this either that. After that when lancer/slayer gathered trash he still just stood there most of the time, without contribution. I don’t know if he was lagging or not. I expected a quick run and I get this, not only a long-ass-unnecessary trash killing one, but also asked in a very rude manner. I let the motherfucker die a couple times, I’m not even sorry (✿◠‿◠) because after that dude saw that I barely let anyone in the party go below 80% HP, while completely ignoring him, his attitude changed so drastically, I could not believe it was the same person.

First of all, he participated fully in fights, he initiated conversations in a polite and nice manner, and complimented the party (several times) and then tank and healer specifically, even thanked us for being a good and organized party. Of course, seeing the positive changes, I proceeded healing everyone equally including him. The rest of the dungeon was pleasant, regardless of the fact that we had to kill all the trash. Because I don’t mind helping out people. I mind helping out dicks.

See, kids, when people are nice, everyone else is happy. And for all of my other healer babies out there that ever were in a similar situation or were abused directly, you have the means to abuse back. As a matter of fact, you have the strongest means to do so. 

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